I am a Web Application Consultant!

Dockerized Apps

Dockerized an app makes is super easy to scale your app. You can spin multiple containers and handle twice the traffic within seconds. I have dockerized multiple apps and even some tools like SpaceVim, Vim, and zImageOptimizer for the sake of portability.

Consulted Clients

I have consulted many clients but some of the worth mentioning are ICEF, Wipro, Trumin, MightyApe etc. Of course you could be the next! You can hire me!

Scaled Apps!

I have scaled app from a 1 request per second to ten millions requests per second. I used Docker, Redis, GoLang to achieve this. I split the app into various SOA and divided the high traffic between various servers. Not only that, I was able to speed up the execution, reduce the memory footprint to handle more simultaneous traffic reducing server cost by ~ 75%.

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