I am Varun Batra. I have been coding since year 2002. I am an independent web application consultant and I can be hired if you are stuck somewhere or have something new to do but don’t know where to start and what to use.


Programming Languages

It was year 2003 when when I started coding. My first language was C like most of us. Then I moved to HTML/CSS. This led me to ActionScript coded some Flash website! Soon, I got a project in PHP. After that I learned JavaScript including MooTools, DoJo, jQuery. It was my tech stack for about three years. Then I got an opportunity to work on Ruby and later Rails. I worked on Ruby on Rails for two years and then I added some functionality in Python (Mainly Caching Stuff) and Node.js (Mainly APIs). I have seen node from callback to promises and then async/await. Basically for three years, I kept working on Node only. After this, I worked on Lua and coded Lua extensions of Nginx to be able to scale at cost effecting. At one point, Lua was serving APIs. When everything I coded was in form in APIs, I had to find a pair, so I learned React with Redux. Coded few frontends in React, at first Babel then TypeScript. Meanwhile, I started converting some Rails code in Go. For the same app, I coded memory caching in Go. Then I moved to Go completely. I coded a lot of APIs as well as server related tasks in Go. Then I stumbled upon V. Right now I am experimenting with V.


Meanwhile, I have worked on MySQL, MariaDB as well as MongoDB. Although, I can say I am expert in MySQL as well as MariaDB including their configurations and know-hows internally, right now, MongoDB – I just know basics.


I have converted almost all my apps in docker containers. I faced challenges related to running out of resources, permissions, shared volumes as well as mountable volumes. I hope that you have got an idea where I am going through.


I have used tools so far but I have been experimenting it lately. Most of the Devs (DevOps) would use a tool, and then they would become self-declare experts, I like to do things manually before I say it. I would say I just know basics.

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