How to make MySQL inside Docker Production Ready?

It is easy to simply spin a new MySQL and assume that it is ready for the production. This can’t be further from the preparation of disaster. Few days back I wrote about having a infrastructure docker file to do your development and I got a comment was it ready for production. Today that ‘No’ […]

How to reset MySQL password in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?

Unable to reset MySQL Password in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS? First I want to discuss in which case the password will not change. I waste quite a lot of time setting a password which had “@” in between. For example “Password@123” – It simply didn’t work. Only when I removed “@” making “Password123” then it worked. […]

Choosing MySQL Memory Engine for Session/Caching

MySQL memory engine is least popular but most among most effective solution for a performance first application. Most of the ‘node’ application developers are generally spinning a Redis for having a session, while same can be achieved using memory engine of MySQL without any overhead of having a different tech – “Redis” in this case. […]

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