3 Coding Mistakes to Unscalability

Every project starts small, ours did too. Before we knew it, it became a hit. I am talking about the Product Kits app of Shopify. You can read more about how we scaled to 100 to 100,000 hits in our Shopify App. However, there was a great learning experience and we realized how trivial things […]

Nginx Proxy Caching for Scalability.

Since our servers are spread across multiple locations, we had a lot of issues regarding speed. If it is served from the different location server, which is not in the local network, there is a latency of about 500ms to 750ms, This seems a lot and is unavoidable if you are running a maintenance on […]

Nginx Reverse Proxy for Scalability

Nginx comes up with a wonderful Reverse Proxy with tons of option. But the usual way of proxy is flawed in the sense that it doesn’t allow load balancing. For example consider this one: Usual way of Reverse Proxy All the request in the location / will go to but once you have out […]

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