Completing WordPress Health Check inside Docker

Missing Modules It is very tempting to simply use the official WordPress Docker image. However, new feature HEALH CHECK in 5.X – you will observe a recommendation – something like following: To sum up – bcmath, exif and imagick are not installed in wordpress docker image by default. Resolution The same way we added Imagick […]

Passing Real IP in WordPress behind Proxy or in Docker

If you have followed the tutorial on How to run WordPress Blog behind Nginx Secure (https) Proxy, you might be under a situation that WordPress is showing all ips as proxy ips. In case of Docker it must be like 172.X.X.X otherwise, it is the ip of your server.  If this is a problem? You might […]

How to run WordPress Blog behind Nginx Secure (https) Proxy

When I started this blog, I was asked, what was the most annoying thing I get while setup up a WordPress blog. I can’t really get SSL thing out of my head – yet. It was totally worth it. When running a WordPress behind a proxy, it will give an error of unable to complete the […]

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