SpaceBox – Docker Development Box on SpaceVim

I have created SVIM which is a dockerized version of VIM. However, some of the most imporant plugins I was using is no longer maintained for VIM but are compatible and focussed on NVIM. Thus, I switched to SpaceVim. Despite there is an official Docker of SpaceVim, it is lacking the support of languages as required tools are missing in the docker particularly Go lang hints. Hence, I created my own version of SpaceVim and I ensured that all the stuff I use is working properly. If you are PHP developer, JavaScript developer, Golang Coder or even if you create simple HTMLs – you have everything you need. I haven’t focused on Java or alike line languages like scala or for that matter Objective C. This is ideally for the Web Developer and not for the Mobile App Developer. Though, feel free to send a PR. I am calling it SpaceBox – a dockerized SpaceVim

Why should you use SpaceBox?

How to use it?

alias vbox='docker run -ti -e TZ=Asia/Kolkata -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -e TMPDIR="/tmp/" -e TERM=xterm -e GIT_USERNAME="Your Name" -e GIT_EMAIL=""  --rm -v /etc/timezone:/etc/timezone:ro -v $HOME/tmp/:/tmp/ -v ~/.ssh:/home/spacevim/.ssh -v $(pwd):/home/spacevim/src varunbatrait/spacebox'

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    1. Try now – There was a but in latest nvim – I have specified the checksum where it works! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now your build should also work. NVIM update was important for typescript to work as well.

  1. Hi Varun,
    Thanks for this wonderful docker. I would like to use this for python development with CoC for autocompletion. Is there a way I can customise it for my use? Installing more customized plugins.

  2. Found you mentioning in YouTube and I loved it. I am using it for Go and TypeScript. Though it is inferior than VS but since it can be run on terminal, nothing can beat it. I had to update binaries

    1. The official docker image is about 2.4 GB, now if I add programs to enable hints, it will increase for sure right? If you have any clean up ideas, please let me know.

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