Hire Me

I have over 10 years of professional experience creating web applications and tools supporting it. I have a unique way to approach a problem and think out of the box. I know how to connect “disconnected” technology and make a system which works and stable. I have a proficiency in Go, Node, PHP programming languages. I have worked intensively on Docker and know it inside out. Most of the time I am hired to build a Technical Architecture and for solving Scalability problem.

Some of the stuff I want to highlight over here

Meet kite.spicegems.org

It is a proxy caching written in Go lang which minifies and gzip with ETAG data it is accessing. It also supports Geo data which is added to a pre-defined variables. This app is used in Spice Country Redirect to serve the JS. The fun part – It is being served from RAM. In comparison to Nginx – server the response time was reduced on an average of 20ms in 1000 hits per second. On its peak, it servers 100,000 hits per seconds. In case of Nginx, we had to rely on letting Linux decide which file to be cached and often, this isn’t what we want when we have a lot of customers. Though, even with Nginx, we achieved an insane amount of performance by brutal optimisation

Dockerized Servers

The servers on which SpiceGems are built uses Docker with OpenResty. The SSL is updated using an advanced LUA coding something similar to (but not) LUA-Rest-Auto-SSL. The LUA enabled following stuff:

  • Auto SSL Domains with the support of DNS
  • GZIP along side of ETAG (GZIP will not remove ETAG)
  • Conditional GEO Caching through Proxy.
  • Shared cache with redis as a backend.
  • pub-sub for notifications.
  • Portable MySQL APIs without Assistance of language like PHP

SOA Everywhere

All of our apps as well as many components on the projects I have previous worked on consisted on APIs or were decoupled in someways. Here are some of the individual APIs we built along the way:

  1. Geo Location from IP
  2. Storing Location History of an IP
  3. Sending of an EMAIL
  4. Publishing the Data on a channel.
  5. SSL Authentication API
  6. Single Sign On
  7. Proxy Caching with ETAG and RAM
  8. Forwarder
  9. CDN Storage API
  10. Email Read Reports

With above 10 SOA, you can get an idea that many were somehow communicating with each other right? Now the beauty over here is – if one fails, we can handle that exception and move on. Whole system will not be dead. This is the idea with various SOA. I hope that all of this can get an idea.

How can you contact?

  • Best way is through skype – VarunBatraIT
  • You can send me an email at code varun at gmail