Laravel Alternative in Node – AdonisJS

AdonisJS can be said to be a complete transformation of a Laravel framework in PHP to Node. Consider it in this way – it is a Laravel re-written in Node.

We have used Laravel extensively to create various Shopify Application. The fundamental problem with Laravel is database connections which goes out of hand when you use multiple databases. If you come to node and write some stuff which isn’t AdonisJS, then you will fall under the trap of callbacks and promises. So we needed something which is not only in node – but a lot like Laravel.

AdonisJS has a Query Builder, ORM (LUCID), Scheduler and of course, it is MVC. Adonis follows almost same naming conventions of Laravel – if that be a Controller, Route or anything. The API is so consistent, you can guess it. If you are coming from Laravel directly, you already know! Give it a try and watch screencasts.

AdonisJS an alternative to Laravel

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  1. Have you made any Shopify apps with this framework yet? I’m currently in your exact same situation. How are you connecting the Shopify API and Authorization to AdonisJS?

    1. No, though I have created many admins with more complicated setup than any usual Shopify App using adonis.

      So far we at SpiceGems used Laravel for Auth and Preferences related module, Node/Go for sync and and services.

      A lot of Shopify apps are in Koa? Shopify has done a great deal of work on Koa.

      In adonis, I think only stopping point would be authentication. Once it is done, it is still better than koa considering the services and adonis cron. Overall structure of Adonis is more managed than Koa.

    1. You can but why would you want it? The problem will be to create logic of connection close and generator. Which can eat up your days if not week.

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