Why you weren’t hired!

Warning! Strong language, whole idea was to be heard!

Should it even be in your resume?

In the past three years, I am taken a lot of interviews. I realized that most of the developers who weren’t hired were not because they were less talented – but because our expectations from their resume didn’t match the level of knowledge they had. For instance, they will write “GO” and “GIT” in their resume but in an interview, I am told, they have worked on just a REST API and CAPP (Commit, Add, Pull and Push) in Go and Git respectively.

The Desire to be Hired!

They want to impress the interviewer and hence, they end up adding a lot of stuff. See, for me, I want knowledge! and I am sure it is for every interviewer. When I receive a resume, my expectations are set and I am generally very eager to speak to candidates. I am all excited and dreaming of the good happy ending to have a guy who knows what we are looking for. The desire here is to hire – I really want to hire you, but these high expectations are shattered into pieces right at the beginning of the interview when you just described what you have built. It is like saying I know Maths once you have learned how to divide! or English when you can barely form a word!

The Company Cup VS The World Cup

We have lived in technical problems – we have faced probably more fire than you might have seen in Game of Thrones. We have once paralyzed by the choice of our tech-stack. We have faced the wrath of hits. We have seen our database dying which wouldn’t revive after continuous CPR. This is World! And it Sucks! Now you come along and is full of confidence just because you are better than five developers in your company. You are forgetting that there is a world out there and it requires more than a REST API and CAPP!

The Reality Check!

After a couple of questions which is probably the toughest one – I have seen some candidates are still confident about a tech. After fifteen minutes, I am told that the interview is ‘tough’. Now you have forgotten the fact that you rated yourself 8-9 in MySQL and PHP. As long as it is PHP I think an interview is fine – It isn’t tough. Perhaps you don’t know your level. Ah ha – Your level was computed with a limited dataset – Your Current Company.

“I hate you” – you just said it

Unfortunately the tech can be quantified. It can be measured! There are multiple right answers but one is the best solution? No – only best solution is the only solution. We can measure the memory and cpu usage of your codes. We can measure number of queries you ran – fuck queries, we can even judge on your typing speed. Interview is a mirror! I can tell you where you stand but can you take it? Most of the interviewee couldn’t. As soon as I tell you “You are wrong” and You argued, it is over. It isn’t that we have a really nasty culture out here. But we know that sooner you are told you are wrong, sooner you can fix your codes! If you are arguing, we are loosing probably a couple of customers every minute! So attitude is a key. You are not hired probably because you live more than you should in denial! We can’t afford that.


So, please write what you really know in the resume. Ensure that level you are telling is measured with a bigger dataset. If you have attitude problem, I think there isn’t much you can do. Stay in your current company – consider yourself lucky!

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  1. We like to test the anger management. Had a troubled employee who abused his boss in front of everyone. Next thing – his manager resigned. It broke the whole company.

  2. Unrealisitic dead lines are important factors in destroying the ability of a programmer to come up with the creativity. They become the typewritter without realizing it.

  3. I got canned last year as employer couldn’t raise the funds. I sat for six months doing research. I wrote that in my resume. Couldn’t pass the machine test but got hired. My efforts of learning was appreciated. Later in the job, I couldn’t produce much and decided to leave. Then for three months I took some guidance from edx guys. Now I have rejoined an old company with a lower package. Was I a liar? No – I just thought I knew.

  4. I have given machine tests multiple times. It is easier than a verbal interview. In a test there are only couple of things which can go wrong. In an interview, chances are very high. Of course, my resume is full of tech I barely know but I have mentioned that I am novice.

  5. Some are victims of Dunning–Kruger and some are just liars. We had this problem with outsourcing and thought that it is what it is. We moved to locals but locals had same problems. Most of the companies right now are better off with jack of all trades rather than masters of a particular tech.

  6. I know the frustration with all of this shit developers. It happens a lot in India and Bangladesh. They are full of confident but when we give them the project they create a complete shit. After 8 years in industry I could only find four guys which I can actually rely on. We have hopped a lot of a companies and freelancers. It doesn’t happen a lot in Australia. We think that outsourcing is easy – it is hard. We end up losing a lot in finding a good company. Lie after lie and I don’t believe that they don’t know what they are doing. They think we are fools.

    1. Machine test doesn’t work always. You got to have your own system at the place of machine test. Then each company has its own way of assesing the assignment. Some doesn’t care if there are tests, some throws away the assignment for it. To make it worse, expectations are not clear. They generally say – give your best and of course with an unrealistic deadline. I had same issue with goibibo. I am way better than the guy who took my interview. Just because he already knew assignment, he said I have delivered it very late and gave me some stupid reasons that I can’t fix a broken live site with this approach. He should know that my codes ain’t going to BREAK in the first place. Not everyone is stupid like him!

  7. Your approach is incorrect. I simply ask them where they are most comfortable and ask questions from those and then I make the expectations.

  8. Most of the team lead like us are given men who are hired by project manager and it sucks as they are hired for a resume full of half knowledge.

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