Code Quality

3 Coding Mistakes to Unscalability

Every project starts small, ours did too. Before we knew it, it became a hit. I am talking about the Product Kits app of Shopify. You can read more about how we scaled to 100 to 100,000 hits in our Shopify App. However, there was a great learning experience and we realized how trivial things […]

Writing the ‘straight’ codes

The most prominent mistake which is made during coding is calling with nested functions. For instance look at the following codes: Problem with the above code is, they are nested and when you call getBooks() – you are not aware that it will bring authors as well. Let us try again by renaming the function. […]

How to write good “If” statements?

Writing a good code is an art and it can be useful in so trivial things that most developers often ignore. Usually, amateurs are programmed to write an ‘if’ statement which is always accompanied by an ‘else’ . However, it is important to realize that code quality can significantly be improved if else is omitted. […]

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