Nginx Reverse Proxy for Scalability

Nginx comes up with a wonderful Reverse Proxy with tons of option. But the usual way of proxy is flawed in the sense that it doesn’t allow load balancing. For example consider this one: Usual way of Reverse Proxy All the request in the location / will go to but once you have out […]

How to enable OCSP Stapling in Nginx?

What is OCSP stapling? OCSP stapling is a safe and quick way of determining whether or not an SSL certificate is valid. Instead of requesting information from the certificate’s vendor, it allows a web server to provide information on the validity of its own certificates. Three Steps to enable OCSP Stapling in Nginx: 1. To enable […]

How to run WordPress Blog behind Nginx Secure (https) Proxy

When I started this blog, I was asked, what was the most annoying thing I get while setup up a WordPress blog. I can’t really get SSL thing out of my head – yet. It was totally worth it. When running a WordPress behind a proxy, it will give an error of unable to complete the […]

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